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19-Sep-2017 03:16

I’m sure it was way harder for Mom to explain her pregnancy to co-workers, but she managed it somehow.

“Get to work people,” a voice from the back of the room ordered us.

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That’s about all I wanted to skip through, but before you ask, I’ll tell you: yes, I’m still staying close to my sister (and mom). The drive was about twenty minutes, so we figured we wouldn’t be more than a couple minutes late.

The one closer to us had bright red hair which went down to her shoulders.

Her skin was fairly tanned, so I assumed the red hair wasn’t natural.

Usually, Elizabeth and I sat on the right side of the table and left the other side vacant, since we weren’t working as a full team.

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Now however, the chairs on the left were occupied, and I finally got to see what my new co-workers were like. Both looked about our age, and both were very attractive women.It could be menial and boring at times, but we made the most of it.

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